NMC Revalidation


The NMC introduced, the NMC Revalidation process, that all nurses and midwives will need to go through, in order to renew their registration on the NMC Register. At Daytime Healthcare, we understand the importance of this  Process and we offer, full support, for our Agency staff.

NMC Revalidation Tips:

  • Set up an NMC online account and know your renewal date
  • Familiarise yourself with the Code and the revalidation requirements
  • Review the NMC microsite for the most up to date guidance & forms
  • How will you store your evidence? Electronic: E-portfolio or computer? Paper-based portfolio?
  • Ensure you establish, who you will be having your reflective discussion/ confirming  process with
  • We would recommend, that you link  the content of your NMC Revalidation Portfolio, to the NMC code of Conduct

Appraiser and Confirmer will be looking at how you have connected the two (Prioritise people, Practice effectively, Preserve safety, Promote professionalism and trust).

*Don’t leave it until the last minute!!!!!!!!

NMC Revalidation Resource Documents:

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